December 2009  Shami hires gubernatorial campaign team

Joining the campaign as the media buyer of record for television, radio, and online media, is Fortune Media, headed by founder Ondine Fortune. Ondine is recognized as one of the nation's top experts in media planning and buying for politics and public affairs campaigns. Fortune Media enjoyed a 41-9 win ratio on behalf of its campaigns in the 2008 election cycle. Nicole Bouda,
Vice President of Media Buying for Fortune Media, will also be working with the campaign. .

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March 2009  Ondine Fortune at the Pollie Conference in Washington, DC

Fortune Media Principal, Ondine Fortune recently participated on a panel at the 2009 AAPC Pollie Conference in Washington, DC entitled "Using All the Tools In the Box: Integrating your media including direct mail, TV, internet, etc. to build the brand for your condidate/issue campaign." Joining Ondine on the panel were David Mastervich, Manager for Sales Strategy, United States Postal Service and Matthew Dybwad, Senior Director of Internet Strategy at emotive, llc.

Ondine focused on how to plan a strong campaign that encompasses all media. Essential points from this talk will be posted here and on the AAPC site.

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2.05.2009  Politics — Turning North Carolina From Red to Blue
by Ondine Fortune

One of the most difficult challenges of any campaign is targeting younger voters. Distracted by a zillion media options—from the Internet to iPods and video games—consumed by busy social schedules and fledgling careers, young voters can be tough to reach ...

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10.01.2008  TV Technology — The Political TV Advertising Lifecycle
by Gordon Robinson

And even in today's Internet age, where 2008 campaign advertising is expected to top out at $3 billion, the Democratic and Republican parties will still be spending most of their media dollars on broadcast and cable TV, according to Ondine Fortune ...

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2008  Winning Campaigns' Article
by Ondine Fortune

In today’s political environment, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to reach voters.
Just a decade ago, a candidate could rely on the Big 3 networks, a few radio spots, and the local newspaper to deliver almost the entire electorate. However, given the explosion of new media, today’s political campaigns must rely more and more on cable programming and its branded website companions as sources to reach voters.

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