Audience Analytics

One of the most dynamic audience analysis software packages, providing in-depth viewership composition, flow and duplication insight across all measured media by Nielsen at the respondent level.

Media Strategies & Research Resources

Fortune Media offers free research on behalf of our clients using state-of-the-art resources that include:

Nielsen-Media Research

These tools used in companion with our experience consulting on hundreds of successful campaigns gives you an incomparable edge.

Strategic Planning and Recommendations
All the best research in the world isn’t enough to formulate a smart, cost efficient plan. It takes the instinct developed through experience to choose the right mix of media.

Great Creative Resources
Fortune Media partners with some of the most successful media consultants in the country, offered at reduced fees

Negotiating the Buy
We built our reputation on our ability to change how cable is bought, and bringing our negotiating savvy to all media. We work closely with sales and traffic managers to ensure that the lowest rates will clear.

Cost Efficient Buying
Broadcast, Cable, Radio, Print and Internet
The right mix of media is imperative to a campaign. Our experience allows us to deliver maximum exposure to the targeted market within budget.

Maintaining/Managing the Buy

Our traffic department supplies you with up-to-date addresses, deadlines and formats. We require receipt of copy and traffic for each schedule by all systems/stations.

We provide a summary of what was placed versus what ran and any dollars that did not air are refunded. Points per day charts ensure the campaign is airing as ordered. Our average schedules clear at 98%. We schedule make-goods.

Reconciliation is the most time consuming aspect of media buying, especially for cable. The cable industry has no standardized format for verifying schedules aired. As part of our service we compile the myriad of varying affidavits and offer a summarized invoice on behalf of your campaign.

Competitive Monitoring and Tracking
Fortune Media has the resources to provide information on your competitors' advertising plans and scheduling. By giving you the added advantage of knowing when and where their ads will run, we provide a powerful tool for countering their message.

Presentation Materials
Fortune Media expertly produces professional presentations for stand alone use or for use as components of larger presentations.


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